3rd Quarter Reflections

2014 has been crazy busy! Besides my ongoing freelance graphic design work I have been regularly contracted throughout the year by Edgars Club, Legit Clothing, Jet & CNA for digital design work. Along with fun live events like NetProphet 2014 at Artscape Opera House, Children’s Magic Festival, Cape Jnr Magic Champs and Stuart Taylor’s BeSpoke both at the Baxter Theatre.

Once again I production managed and staged NetProphet – this year was notable for having a live interview with Julian Assange … we had some really fun, extravagant moments of unexpected entertainment throughout the programme! We created a custom dance/video piece which was totally unexpected; the awesome 3rd World Spectator did a 20-minute set with giant balloons in the auditorium; Louis Cason jugging along with other moments of crazy chaos.

I once again directed and co-ordinated the College of Magic’s Cape Jnr Magic Champs at the Baxter Theatre. We had a great time working with the youngsters as usual who range in age from 10-18 years old along with US performer Chris Capehart.

Stuart Taylor’s latest show BeSpoke was at the Baxter Theatre for a 2-week run. I production managed the show and designed the stage setting.


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